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RIFIFI blog post


Letting the audience take on the¬†Stephanois’ perspective, Rififi breaks the stereotype that all criminals are ruffians. Like what’s been said in the commentary, “Mr. Dassin has already introduced his thieves in a way that puts you very much on their side”, the film starts with the frame where some hands playing the cards and then a tilt up to Tony’s face, so we automatically stand with Tony in the first place and no matter what happens next we would be empathetic to him. As it shows, these robbers are not ruffians at all and on the contrary, they are smart, urbane and caring (except for Cesar). They value friendships and families over themselves. Mario and his wife are killed because they want to protect Tony. Jo is killed because he wants his kid back. Tony also dies because he needs to give the kid back to his best friend. We get to know that these robbers, who commit crimes, are not cold people. They are even nicer than some hypocrites who act kind.


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