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Huck Finn Blog Post 2

Miss Mary Jane’s beauty, kindness and honesty represent the only vestige of humanity in the chaotic place disturbed by the king and the duke. Huck Finn tries to save this vestige of humanity so he reveals the fraud to Miss Mary Jane and plans to punish them. When the group are doing the tattoo test in the graveyard and finding gold, Huck Finn runs alone on the road:

“I had the road all to myself, and I fairly flew — leastways I had it all to myself except the solid dark, and the now and then glares, and the buzzing of the rain, and the thrashing of the wind, and the splitting of the thunder, and sure as you are born I did clip it along!” (240)

My painting also depicts Huck Finn running on the road with his unswerving faith. He is running towards truth and redemption alone.

Huck Finn 02

After Huck Finn is told that Jim has been caught, he falls into his moral dilemma again: he cannot come up with his mind on whether he should inform Miss Watson of Jim’s capture or not. His southern morality inspires that it’s even against God’s will to set Jim free, which implies the prevalent Christian hypocrisy in South. But after contemplation, Huck Finn decides to “go to hell” and do the “wrong” thing, instead of doing what the Southern society thinks as the “right” thing to do. Huck Finn feels damned to follow his heart, where shines for the victory of humanity.

Tom’s later behaviors are also sarcastic. If he doesn’t play the prisoner’s game, doesn’t follow the formulaic steps for a heroic escape, and doesn’t spend such a long time on it, Jim should have gained freedom much earlier and in a safer condition. Because he knows that Jim has already been set free, however, he can make the adventures carelessly just for his own will. Though Tom regards slaves as equal human beings and has the courage to fight against the Southern system, his manipulation of Jim is not fair or just. After gaining freedom, Jim has almost forgotten about all the troubles brought by Tom and Huck, and cannot stop his appreciation of their help; this fact serves as a warning: neither brutal suppression of slaves in name of Christian nor kind manipulation of them in name of help, is humane.

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