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Once believing that the size of cups is of universal standard in a global chain restaurant, I knew I was not even wrong when I bought a coke at a McDonald’s in America for the first time. I thought medium was the appropriate size, which I always bought at a McDonald’s in Asia, but it was larger than a “large” in Asia. In fact even the “small” in America is larger than the Asian “large”. Australia’s and Hong Kong’s McDonald’s have the similar sizes to Japan’s and UK’s sizes are not so different either. I keep wondering why American cups have such incredible sizes and why Americans never seem to find it too much in their cups. One of the reasons I come up with is that this incredible size has been a food tradition for a long time, which people from other countries, especially Asians, might find it not acceptable at the first time. I could not finish my first cup of medium coke and had to throw it into trash can. Other than McDonald’s, any other fast-food restaurant has the same tradition too. I still remember how amazed I was at the first sight of the huge “medium” coke.

japan vs. usa McDonald's

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  1. An intersting take on the abnormally large sized cups that permeate American culture. Sadly, it is a fairly new phenomenon that some say is driven by the corn and corn-syrup industry, and that it helps contribute to the obesity epidemic in the United States. Although there are a few syntax errors (” why Americans never seem to find it too much in their cups”), you did a good job on the emphasis on comparisons between the United States and other countries. You could have delved a bit more into the implications of those large drinks and use links to show how it is connected to the gargantuan ambitions of this country.


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